Think Fit... Feel Fit... Ride Fit
Think Fit...Feel Fit...Ride Fit

Ride Fit Equestrian will revolutionise your riding

Ride Fit Equestrian is a unique concept that will revolutionise your riding by addressing all aspects of rider fitness: Balance, cardio-vascular fitness, core strength, co-ordination and rider psychology.

Three core elements of 'Feel Fit', 'Think Fit' and 'Ride Fit' comprise the Ride Fit Equestrian philosophy:


Focus on each item alone and your riding will improve. Focus on all three items in a individualised training programme tailored exactly to you and your horses' needs and you will see a drastic step change in your equestrian performance.




We are based in Nottinghamshire, but travel around the UK for clinics and offer services via Skype.

Start your Ride Fit Equestrian journey today...welcome aboard.

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