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Lucy Field-Richards


Lucy owns Ride Fit Equestrian, and is from Nottinghamshire.

She is a lecturer in Equine Science at Nottingham Trent University and a keen rider. Historically competing BE, Lucy now focuses on dressage.






  • First class BSc (Hons) Equine Sports Science (Equestrian Psychology)
  • British Horse Society Intermediate Instructor
  • Diploma in Equine Sports Massage Therapy
  • Level 3 EquiPilates Teacher, trained with Lindsay Wilcox Reid and Rachel Rafiefar. Biomechanics coach, trained with Biomechanics Association
  • 200Hr Yoga Teacher, trained by Quaternity Yoga, who are approved by the Yoga Alliance




Lucy has always been passionate about riding and improving equestrian performance. She has over 12 years experience coaching others at a variety of levels across all equestrian disciplines. A serious ankle injury prompted Lucy to begin Ride Fit Equestrian, when getting back to riding following several months off. She has always been very fit outside of her equestrian pursuits, and realised what an enormous benefit this was to her when getting back in the saddle. She now rides better than ever having committed to keeping herself as fit, strong and balanced as possible.


Lucy’s aim is for all her riders to ride as fit as they possibly can, so they can spend their riding sessions improving the horse’s way of going, knowing that their own balance and fitness is a ‘given’, before we ask the horse to improve.

We demand a lot from our horses, and by keeping ourselves fit we give ourselves and our horses the best chance of success, whatever our equestrian discipline.



Lucy is kind and encouraging. She genuinely wants everybody to be the best they can be, from elite athlete to somebody whose ambition is to hack their horse out safely and with confidence. Everybody can benefit from Ride Fit Equestrian.


Lucy has suffered with pre-competition nerves herself in the past and has had to rehabilitate herself following months off riding with an injury. She therefore understands the challenges riders face everyday and can genuinely empathise with her clients.  


Lucy's holisitc approach to improving equestrian performance will help you and your horse to Think Fit... Feel Fit... Ride Fit.

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