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Think Fit...Feel Fit...Ride Fit

Ride Fit

Ride Fit promotes health and optimum performance for both our human and equine athletes.

Rider Fitness

Ride Fit Equestrian scenarios are mounted and apply your Feel Fit and Think Fit learnings into ridden scenarios.

  • 1:1 coaching sessions at your yard from £25
  • Group sessions / workshops at your yard

Traditional Coaching

Lucy has numerous clients outside of her Ride Fit Equestrian business and trains riders in Dressage and Eventing. She is particularly popular with clients with young horses who need a patient and understanding coach. From £25 a session.  


Horse Fitness and Well-being

Equine Sports Massage

Treatments for your equine athlete to relieve tension, prevent injury and optimise performance - from £45 a session.

Lucy specialises in rehabilitating injured horses and will give your horses a personalised training programme to bring him back to full fitness. As a rider, Lucy can easily distinguish between behavioural and genuine pain issues to give you the reassurance you need that you are asking 'fair' questions of your horse.


Client Feedback


Equine Sports Massage

Lucy came and treated 3 of my Event horses this summer. The horses benefited greatly from the treatment. They enjoyed the treatment and it was good for highlighting any areas of tightness and taking this in to consideration with their work and competition program. It was of most benefit to the horses that were naturally 'tight' by nature. It allowed them to become looser quicker in their work and encouraged them to experiment with letting go and swinging more.  Lucy was very professional throughout and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.




Traditional Coaching

Lucy has really helped me and my young horse develop and grow. Her ability to break things down into understandable and bite sized chunks in my lessons enables me to work on things in between. She understands my fears and works at my pace to overcome them. She provides me with enough challenge to keep things exciting and encourages me to push my boundaries.



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